List-Me has one soul purpose, and that is to list as many websites as possible, in doing so, it helps website owners increase the traffic to their own websites. By listing their website with us, visitors will discover others, visit them, and increase the traffic to their website. In finding new websites to affiliate with, they can also make new online friends as well, and exchange ideas on their website topics.

List-Me History

I created list-me.com a little over 15 years ago, on February 2, 2004 I bought the domain, it took me a few months before I opened the directory for submission. Since then it had gone through many changes. It was running fine for about 7 of those years, then the script I was using had too many security issues, so I had to temporarily close it, while I looked for another script. I was going to use a Wordpress theme that was a directory script as well, but that just became too much of a hassle, and I didn't enogh about Wordpress themes to really work with it. So I remained closed for about 2 1/2 years.

I finally decided I wanted to re-open it, and I finally did. I found the Ninjalinks script, even though one of the pages wasn't functioning correctly, and there was no activity at the forum to get help. I decided to use it anyway, and use a regular mail form for those wanting to update their information, not too long after I was able to get a;ll the pages to work and as of September 26th, 2019 I am still using the script.

I hope in the future to get more familar with wordpress and eventually begin using a theme to manage the directory, I lack the time to dedicate to that at the moment, the current script is working fine. I had reached out to a few directories that had been using wordpress but I never received any kind of reply.

Last updated September, 26, 2019