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  • The Fireside Chats (1286 hits)
    On my blog, I'll share what I've been reading lately, discuss different movies and tv shows that are based on literature that I've been watching, spotlight different authors, share some literature that were my favorite during my childhood, answer different literature related questions, etc. If you are an avid reader, then you probably enjoy my blog!
  • (239 hits)
    Personal blog of Ariane.
  • Expedition Indi (358 hits)
    I'm a woman in my mid-twenties who loves to travel, eat, and shop. Through this website I want to share with you my own experiences at eating delicious foods, blowing my money on cool things, visiting new places, and expat life!
  • SHARKBOY (359 hits)
    The blog and home on the web of Todd. This site houses my writing: poetry, short stories, essays, and blog entries. I write about my life and whatever I'm into at any given moment. Prepare for reviews of R.L. Stine novels, Are You Afraid of the Dark? episodes, and various old video games.
  • Amaathyst (2664 hits)
    Personal blog with book reviews
  • (876 hits)
    Domain of Christine (aka Rikku Girl), which includes her blog, her personal site, free web graphics, and free web hosting.
  • Forbidden L0ve (2111 hits)
    A personal blog with graphics, tutorials and more!
  • Abstract Hell (1264 hits)
    Of the schizophrenic delirium of a frustrated being
  • Krisophical (1282 hits)
    The study and knowledge of the angry curly little asian woman.
  • (1253 hits)
    A blog about my daily life. It will often have topics that have to do with games, manga/anime, web design, writing, role playing and more!
  • (1132 hits)
    A personal site with crochet & knit stuffs. I occasionally post about my life too.
  • (1572 hits)
    A personal blog of a 31 year old woman with Asperger's in Arizona.
  • (1509 hits) is Luana Spinetti's personal blog. She shares her visions, her life experiences and the most hidden secrets of her heart.
  • A Story About A Girl (1968 hits)
    Personal domain (blog) of Kirsten, a 30-something year old from Nova Scotia.
  • Hey Georgie (2189 hits)
    Blog owned by Georgie. Mostly a personal blog with a lot of posts about music and concert photography, but contains a lot of stories, posts about fashion, travel, humour, and general things.
  • (1768 hits)
    My main blog, I share pretty much everything under the sun. I do some some product reviews, mostly it seems to be random things.

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