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  • Amaathyst (2118 hits)
    Personal blog with book reviews
  • (466 hits)
    Domain of Christine (aka Rikku Girl), which includes her blog, her personal site, free web graphics, and free web hosting.
  • A Daring Adventure (1337 hits)
    The blog of a twenty-something woman with a love for Japanese rock bands, travel, and delicious food. All of those things appear on her blog frequently, and recently she's found herself dipping into skincare and fashion.
  • Janepedia (628 hits)
    Life, allergies, movies, TV, food and more—by Liz Lawson. Formerly 6birds.
  • Milkboxed (707 hits)
    Lifestyle blog of a hobbyist interested in geeky stuff and other miscellaneous.
  • Forbidden L0ve (1701 hits)
    A personal blog with graphics, tutorials and more!
  • Nocturnal Dream (1033 hits)
    personal/writing site
  • (1017 hits)
    Poetry-Notes.Com serves as a purpose for me to unload my thoughts on art, book-reviews, college, life, poetry, and short-stories.
  • Yinghua (872 hits)
    Yinghua is Lien’s personal playground and diary.
  • Catastrophe Rising (909 hits)
    The blog of a wayward college girl
  • Meteora (894 hits)
    Hello, I'm Najwa! Welcome to my site - which is the central of everything me. This is where I blog my thoughts, things that intrigue me, and maybe some random ramblings. This is also where I place my personal info, portfolio and projects.
  • Ruby Wings Blog (930 hits)
    Just your average four eyed disabled geek. This blog is my way of sharing my life and experiences as a disabled four eyed geek; all of which influence my life in various ways. I'll be blogging about gaming stuff, life as a disabled student as well as posting beauty ideas, reviews and tutorials.
  • Abstract Hell (901 hits)
    Of the schizophrenic delirium of a frustrated being
  • Gillan Frances (966 hits)
    A personal blog by a journalism major. It contains movie and book reviews. Her portfolio, which is hosted under the same domain, is currently under construction.
  • Chasing-Infinity (878 hits)
    A personal blog and resource site.
  • Meet Domenica (867 hits)
    Created by a university student this blog is an documentation of her learning, random posts, and filled with plenty of small business tips. She also writes about her crazy guinea pig.
  • Imperfect-Angel.Net (905 hits)
    A simple blog about my weekly to monthly rants. My thoughts on anything and everything.
  • Krisophical (877 hits)
    The study and knowledge of the angry curly little asian woman.
  • Luxurious World (909 hits)
    I am in love with the idea of going out into the world for a great adventure – I want to have stories to tell. We live in a luxurious world after all.
  • (873 hits)
    A blog about my daily life. It will often have topics that have to do with games, manga/anime, web design, writing, role playing and more!

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