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  • (583 hits)
    A personal site with crochet & knit stuffs. I occasionally post about my life too.
  • Living The Crazy Life (1821 hits)
    Personal site for by a mother to express how she feels and will have visitor content as time goes by.
  • Kristinas Evangelium (1696 hits)
    The lady in the swedish mountain, who just can`t stop blogging, I blog about Me and my life in Ottsjö, poetry and I write in english as in swedish and sometimes on other Language options (As I talk and can) of mine
  • (2181 hits)
    Electronic brain pings of a pro-waffle gal scientist.
  • (1032 hits)
    A personal blog of a 31 year old woman with Asperger's in Arizona.
  • (883 hits) is Luana Spinetti's personal blog. She shares her visions, her life experiences and the most hidden secrets of her heart.
  • Curator of Cute (867 hits)
    This blog, Curator of Cute, is maintained by one Professor Mittens (the site's curator) and one 20-something year old girl, both of whom love anything that is cute. From artwork to clothing to accessories, anything that we deem "cute" will be scouted and added to our blog.
  • (864 hits)
    I am an artist. I draw portraits mostly fan-art geeky genre stuff, but I've been known to do other work as well.
  • Beyond Eternal (853 hits)
    A personal website of Euri. It mainly contains her blog, collections of different things such as pixel adoptions, stamps, sigtags, etc. It also offer a little bit of graphics and other things. :)
  • A Story About A Girl (1440 hits)
    Personal domain (blog) of Kirsten, a 30-something year old from Nova Scotia.
  • ADRICULOUS (1432 hits)
    Personal blog of Adrianne, a self-proclaimed swaggin' otaku nerdette hailing in Sunny California. She loves to talk about the most random of all the blog topics you could think of and a whole lot more!
  • Hey Georgie (1679 hits)
    Blog owned by Georgie. Mostly a personal blog with a lot of posts about music and concert photography, but contains a lot of stories, posts about fashion, travel, humour, and general things.
  • Chimmyville (1150 hits)
    The personal website / blog of Kim, including her ramblings, travels, artwork etc. I also blog at film conventions.
  • Erin Nicole's Blog (1110 hits)
    Erin's little piece of the web world. Where she can share her thoughts and express her opinions for anyone to find.
  • Pretty In Blue (1162 hits)
    My blog where I write about online and offline life and rant about everything ;)
  • (1274 hits)
    My main blog, I share pretty much everything under the sun. I do some some product reviews, mostly it seems to be random things.

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