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  • GODS AMONG MEN (1285 hits)
    Earth is beginning to make a name for itself. As beings of incredible power and skill rise through the ranks of humanity, their stories begin to reach far and wide throughout the cosmos. Sadly, not everyone listening is enjoying these tales, but rather views them as challenges.
  • Captivated By Darkness (1291 hits)
    AU DCTV RPG beginning at the end of the most recent seasons and taking off in a completely AU direction.
  • Legends of Arda (607 hits)
    Well Met. Legends of Arda is a new rp and writing forum based on the works of J. R. R. Tolkien.
  • Fiore Village (863 hits)
    Fiore is a modern day RP inspired by the Harvest Moon Games and based in Cape Cod! There is no overall site plot. Instead, we use a slice of life, player-run plot system. Each character’s individual plots will make up the overall plot, to simulate the Harvest Moon games.
  • Sutemeny (882 hits)
    Sutemeny is set in the wonderful wizarding world of Harry Potter. We encourage anywhere from beginner to advanced members to join, so long as you can write a sentence or two! We have a functioning point system, many places of Hogwarts to role play, and a goal to make our site the most home kind of feeling it can be.
  • Starshine Academy (815 hits)
    Starshine Academy is a free, forum-based play by post RPG, inspired by the game Magical Starsign, the seven elements of sorcery and set in an alternate fantasy-middle ages with a steampunk twist. The concept focuses around a school in the galaxy of Kovomaka where young magicians from far and wide arrive to progress in the ancient art of magic. Meanwhile, the seven Legendary Magicians - each presenting one of the elements and their planet - are trying to keep the balance. Get ready to learn all kinds of spells, participate in tournaments and overcome evil!
  • Shelf Space (819 hits)
    An original multi-genre book roleplay set in the small Stonewood Public Library. With space on the shelves scarce, the characters of your most beloved genres are banding together into gangs to secure their books' places - and their lives.
  • Tir Dearthair (847 hits)
    Tir Dearthair is a fantasy world with historical elements. The realm has several classes of people a well as mystical, bondable equines. If you've ever wanted to bond to a horse with mystical powers, join as a Hopeful and see what you get!
  • THE OPULENT HOTEL NOIR (1927 hits)
    A Wes Anderson Inspired roleplay about a strange French hotel located along the dreary English coast filled with odd guests.
  • Heart of the Fade (1301 hits)
    Heart of the Fade is a Dragon Age roleplay forum taking place two years after the events of Dragon Age: Inquisition. The Inquisition has brought shaky peace to a world wracked by chaos, but how long will the peace last as unrest stirs in the corners of the world?
  • Myrofas (1326 hits)
    Myrofas is a Dutch play by post fantasy rpg, set in the middle ages.
  • Shelf Space (1286 hits)
    Gangs gone literary! With space on the library shelves scarce, the characters of your most beloved genres are banding together to secure their books' places - and their lives. No word count, 3-2-2, & literate.
  • Competition (1302 hits)
    With no explanation, some people wake up in the town of Splendora with no idea how or why they ended up there. Allegedly, there is but one way home: face one another in Competition and complete an assortment of personal assignments - all dictated by the Announcer. Will it work? Will they ever get to go home? Or is this Announcer just a psychopath who is pitting Contestants against one another for his own amusement, intending never to release them?
  • Experiments (1307 hits)
    A secret Institute with scattered laboratories across the world. Experiments who may never see the light of true freedom. Citizens oblivious to the testing of their powered and non-powered peers. A Resistance dedicated to the downfall of the Institute and the abolition of its testings. Where do you fall?
  • Creative Freedom RPG (1391 hits)
    We are Creative Freedom RPG. We are a large, active site that has still managed to maintain a sense of community. We are a multi-genre, free-form based site where the members create whatever it is that they wish and invite fellow members to participate in their stories. Unlike other sites we are not broken into Genre's, but instead it is separated by level. From Beginner to Advanced all have their place here and can role play to their heart's content. While the whole site is not mature those who are of age have a place to rp without restraint and even then there is a level of maturity that is spread throughout the whole of the site.
  • Malum (1358 hits)
    Malum is an AU Harry Potter RPG with no word count and extremely friendly community. 2.2.2 rating.
  • Twilight Voices - Victorian Age Vampire (1302 hits)
    Twilight Voices is a Play-by-Post Vampire: The Masquerade game set in the Victorian Era. Suspense, intrigue and gruesome horrors await you. Political power plays and social betrayal are found at the heart of this period set game.
  • Chronicles of Thedas (1663 hits)
    Welcome to Thedas, the World of Dragon Age - a setting of gritty fantasy with magic, monsters and mayhem! With almost 3 years of open beta RPing behind us we have established a solid, friendly and open community and have built the foundations for a fantastic RPG which we invite you to come and join us on! The is so much you can do in Thedas... Come and play with a membership who are friendly and active, who had a riot of a time OCCly, and who set the forum alight with IC posting!
  • Relael (1527 hits)
    Relael is an equine RPG that is magic- and elemental-based, featuring four elemental gods (and one trickster god), random events, and player-centric gameplay. Relael will grow as its players and characters develop it together! The Relael of today is not the Relael of tomorrow, and nothing is easy to come by. Our gods are fierce, our lives are hard.

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