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  • Zan's Zone (897 hits)
    A light hearted friendly general message board which also includes my Grumpy Marebag personal blog.
  • Anesidora (126 hits)
    Anesidora is a Pocket Universe of the Known Universe; naturally created - a realm that contains the planes, dimensions, rifts, realms, galaxies, planets, worlds, continents, regions, territories, kingdoms and other matter - a way-point where all planes of time and space converge, preserves, and connects all other roleplays from other roleplay universes at any time in history together. This is done by the realms capability to teraform and connect apart of itself to other realms within it's own. This is because of the mother tree. Anesidora is said to be a the first realm to ever have existed by the mother tree; a hidden realm that has only but recently made itself known
  • Jack's Empire (396 hits)
    Fan forum of Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel.
  • Reflection Anime and Game (338 hits)
    An anime and video game discussion forum. We talk about anything between retro to modern animus and games. We also have a bit of a general section as well. Join the fun today! We'd love to have you!
  • (350 hits)
    Forum mainly for role playing, but there are areas for discussion and writing as well.
  • ISLANDS IN THE SUN (844 hits)
    IITS is a multi location island resort roleplay site. it has a freestyle app, no word count and is hosted on jcink.
  • STUDIO/LIBERTE (844 hits)
    STUDIO/LIBERTE is a brand-new, small gathering place for the arts, writing, coding, gaming and performance with a strong focus on building lasting friendships all over the world! We have a strong emphasis on getting to know one another in a cozy and tight-knit setting! We encourage all our members to show open appreciation to others and not be afraid of saying hi. We can't wait to meet you!
  • Artificial Sweetener (1692 hits)
    A forum for you to share your creative work and receive feedback from members from across the globe. When you're not feeling creative, there are plenty of non-creative discussions going on, too, such as food, pets and world news.

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