Rules & Req

  1. Submit as many websites as you want
  2. All websites should be owned by you, and each one should be added separately.

  3. Linking back to List-Me.Com is Mandatory
  4. Linking back is now required as of January 1, 2024. It is mandatory to link back to this directory. I appreciate the cooperation. It helps spread the word about List-Me.Com, we do link you after all.

  5. Text Link Only
  6. We will only be listing websites with a text link, since the script has been updated. Feel free to link back with a text link or an image button if you like.

  7. No Redirect URLs
  8. Website submitted with redirect/cloacking URLs such as, .tk or etc will not be listed. Please use your real URL.

  9. No direct linking of image codes
  10. Please be courteous, and do not direct link/hot link the link back codes on this website. There are several free image hosts out there, you can find a few on the hosting page.

  11. Descriptions are mandatory
  12. Your website description can be as long or as short as you like. But keep in mind, that a visitor to this website, may not want to read all of your description, try to stick to key points that will catch their attention.

  13. Website language must be stated
  14. If your website is not in English, you must state this in your description!

  15. Any inappropriate websites will be thoroughly examined
  16. Websites utilizing advertising of any kind, be it google ads, Pay Per Post, etc, will asked to keep to a minimum. Excessive advertising will result in website not being listed, and/or removed.

  17. Agree to the rules & requirements?
  18. If you agree then please proceed to add your link, don't forget to pick up your button and place it on an easy to find place on your website.

I agree | I don't agree

Any requirements not met will result in any submissions pending to be removed. If any current websites listed become inappropriate or fail to meet any of our rules & requirements, it will be removed at our discretion. We reserve the right at any time to remove your site if you do not meet the rules & requirements.