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  1. Amity (21 hits)
    Pokémon video game series fanlisting.
  2. Normandy RP (21 hits)
    A new Mass Effect roleplaying community with a focus on collaborative storytelling instead of heavy game mechanics. We just launched and are looking to fill a number of canon roles. As we're going to follow a linear storyline, most of the canons available are from ME 1 (but a handful of other canons from the later games can be tweaked to have earlier introductions). Please check us out!
  3. Spirits (20 hits)
    "Spirits", is a mana spirit adoption clique! This clique is for all the people who love the mana spirits from the Seiken Densetsu series
  4. JR's StoryTime (49 hits)
    JR's personal website. I enjoy reading, anime, videogames, exploring the internet and my website reflects that.
  5. Almond Milk Fanlisting (68 hits)
    A fanlisting for Almond Milk, if you like Almond Milk then you should join this fanlisting!