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  1. Aywren's Nook - Gaming & Geek Blog (27 hits)
    A blog focused on video games, Internet, old web, and all kinds of geekery! If you're interested in coding your own website, you'll also find resources to help!
  2. PAINTKILLER (23 hits)
    Personal website aimed at working thru trauma and depression, while revelling in the aesthetic of early web.
  3. Macaque (23 hits)
    50% personal site, 50% resource and graphics archive, and 100% rad, this site houses the shrines, essays, and soul of the webmaster: your local autistic queer person.
  4. Dorian (131 hits)
    Just my place
  5. Just Geeking By (153 hits)
    The pop culture blog of a disabled British woman who collects chronic illnesses, reviews books, advocates for disability representation in pop culture, and frequently geeks out about all sorts of things.
  6. (133 hits)
    my safe corner on the internet, where i share my thoughts & updates about my life and all of my projects !
  7. beautiful sin (142 hits)
    American Gen-X former blogger riding a nostalgia wave and trying to find some peace in things that used to make me happy - like cliques, webrings, blinkies and random life journaling. English-language. Some (but not much) questionable language.
  8. sleepy sage (39 hits)
    sage's personal site to talk about jfashion, horror, and other interests
  9. Mika Feiler's personal website (54 hits)
    I'm a NEET burnt-out programmer trans girl from PoznaƄ, Poland having various interests like (randomly) functional programming and Palm OS devices.
  10. C04X14L's Really Neat Site (60 hits)
    Just a silly page that aims to compile a bunch of tacky early 2000s web tropes into one site. Updates frequently.
  11. plasticveggies (65 hits)
    Plasticveggies is a webcomic/blog site, where Mr smegma struggles to figure out coding. this site is very amateur and atm uses very little CSS, so it's very...bare. the webcomic has not been published yet but there is an art gallery
  12. OH.MG (577 hits)
    OH.MG is a personal site with literally THE bestest URL on the face of the interweb networks, made from a hash of Gemini and HTML to make your day easy.
  13. Anywhere Is... (234 hits)
    My scramblings and ramblings
  14. Bats in the Belfry (234 hits)
    The writings and ramblings of an ornery, coffee-addicted Hekatean witch.
  15. (227 hits) personal website of a girl named Acid-Candy
  16. Dib's Laboratory (218 hits)
    A neocities website dedicated to Invader Zim and Dib's [no, not the character] fanworks based on it.
  17. personally-comfy (873 hits)
    Comfy's website, established in 2018. Read about him on his About page, read his blog, or sort through the Trashcan.
  18. The Vampire Project (885 hits)
    An online vampire research portal, with resources and information, terminology, folklore and historical writings, and otherkin related materials. All topics covered here deal with vampires or other kin.
  19. Mouse on The World Wide Web (432 hits)
    A personal Neocities page I've made to represent me and my love for the old web! It's hard to describe my page in a single word since you can find a large variety of things here.
  20. (505 hits)
    Personal blog of Luana Spinetti, Italian freelance blogger and artist. The blog covers life updates, project updates, book reviews, helpful content and opinion posts.
  21. Now We're Cookin'! (446 hits)
    Nicki's collection of recipes, open for all friends, family, and anyone who wishes to share from his/her own collection!
  22. She is loved (417 hits)
    blog, resources, fun and tutorials and more.
  23. (580 hits)
    A 30yo struggling blogger from Philippines. I love anime and my favorite is Haikyuu. I’m a nendoroid collector and an amateur photographer. I keep this blog for my personal life updates and hobbies.
  24. Mats Dyremyhr Bakkes (488 hits)
    Personal webpage of Mats Dyremyhr Bakke
  25. The Great Canadian Housewife (702 hits)
    Lifestyle blog of late 30-something-year-old housewife sharing recipes, work from home opportunities, crafts, DIY, chronic illness, mental health and much much more!
  26. The Fireside Chats (2125 hits)
    On my blog, I'll share what I've been reading lately, discuss different movies and tv shows that are based on literature that I've been watching, spotlight different authors, share some literature that were my favorite during my childhood, answer different literature related questions, etc. If you are an avid reader, then you probably enjoy my blog!
  27. (1606 hits)
    Domain of Christine (aka Rikku Girl), which includes her blog, her personal site, free web graphics, and free web hosting.
  28. (1996 hits)
    A blog about my daily life. It will often have topics that have to do with games, manga/anime, web design, writing, role playing and more!
  29. (2547 hits)
    My main blog, I share pretty much everything under the sun. I do some some product reviews, mostly it seems to be random things.

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