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  1. Owl's Roost (124 hits)
    Stories, articles, music, and creations galore handcrafted by the queer owl living in your attic. Rated 13+.
  2. Skyhold (116 hits)
    Personal website with my writing, magical info, and links to other sites.
  3. Fencraft: Seekers of the Landweird (108 hits)
    Fencraft is a newly-founded Pagan path - combining traditional witchcraft, land-trance animism, and pop-culture mysteries drawn from the folklore of the British Isles. It is gender-agnostic, proudly anti-fascist, and open to all-comers. A fairy-tale religion for picnics in the woods with friends.
  4. nefaerien.NET (862 hits)
    late night fragments of fiction & dream, tenuously connected by gossamer threads, written and created by vixen phillips aka lilli.
  5. (2295 hits)
    A creative writing portfolio that combines my skills of blogging, photography, poetry, and more.
  6. (2859 hits)
    Creative writing and photography

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