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  1. Japan Tea Club (244 hits)
    A shrine for Japanese tea and the culture that comes with it. There's also a fanlisting in it.
  2. Pinkvampyr (75 hits)
    Just my cute little personal website!
  3. Ephemeral Heart (79 hits)
    A place for strangers to submit anonymous messages where they can be preserved or deleted by others. Kind of like a bathroom stall covered in graffiti.
  4. (85 hits)
    A black cat leads you down a crumbling alleyway. At the end of it lies a forgotten wetland concealed by dilapidated buildings and overgrowth. Welcome to my digital swamp.
  5. Water Princess (185 hits)
    My site dedicated to the Japanese language. I'll post videos from anime & video games to help with reading & listening skills.
  6. Buttercup (210 hits)
    My personal site.
  7. Bellflower (191 hits)
    Just another personal website.
  8. Aistown (261 hits)
    Just a personal fun little experimental website
  9. LORD x NIKON (244 hits)
    Personal site for a middleaged webdweller.
  10. sugarteara (313 hits)
    Personal site by a professional autist with writings, art, and lots and lots of nerd stuff. Expect a lot of mobile-unfriendly design. Not recommended for thalassophobics!
  11. JR's StoryTime (351 hits)
    JR's personal website. I enjoy reading, anime, videogames, exploring the internet and my website reflects that.
  12. Rose Dryad (302 hits)
    Personal site with pink art.
  13. mizunotic (474 hits)
    A personal site made as an alternative to social media to talk about myself and my interests, as well as get back to making art. It also includes graphic resources and collections.
  14. Key's Klubhouse (379 hits)
    Personal website featuring art, blog, recipes, graphics to share, trading games, and much, much less!
  15. Misty's World (1008 hits)
    A website made with basic HTML that contains otome game stuff, guides, a chat room and lots of sparkly GIFs!
  16. Love is Zeo (1265 hits)
    Come for the resources, and stay for the healthy dose of justice and activism. Love is Zero has a focus on both resources for graphics designs, and bloggers and being a blogger that cares about the world we all live in and share.
  17. LensCapture (2880 hits)
    My photography website, it gets updated very rarely but I am trying to add new stuff. Pop on by and check it out if you have time!! Affiliates are always welcome.

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