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  1. Salvaged (70 hits) is a place on the internet that recovers, repairs, and reuploads Photoshop resources from lost personal blogs from the mid-2000's.
  2. Sleepysprout Neocities (248 hits)
    Old web styled pixel website with lots of goodies for the visitor
  3. Roxelle (241 hits)
    A site dedicated to homepage resources! Find graphics made by the webmaster as well as links to other HP graphics sites.
  4. Aestharis (250 hits)
    Anime, manga, and game graphics resources site.
  5. A Random Website (250 hits)
    Graphic site with free to use graphics and other creative content.
  6. Ruber Rosis (939 hits)
    Pixel Art materials and personal journal.
  7. A Glimpsed Horizon (1532 hits)
    Quality anime graphics – 100x100 avatars/icons, PNG renders, and textures – to feed your needs!
  8. Nightmare Fantasmic ~ Trapped Spirit (666 hits)
    A personal/graphic site established in 2003 with a heavy anime influence.
  9. Adam McQuaid (2510 hits)
    All about a hockey player and resources ,layouts,stylesheets,and much more e.t.c.

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